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I can sell your items on Yahoo Auction or Merucari (japan)

Hi, I'm working as a virtual assistant in Tokyo.

Are you having a hard time selling your used valuable items in Japan?
It's many times profitable to sell your items on Merucari/Yahoo auction than sell it to recycling shop.

Here are examples of the services I provide.
①I can sell your items on Yahoo auction instead of you.
a. I sell your items at your ideal price.
b. You ship it to a customer, when it's sold. (You need to pack it, then bring it to your nearest convenience store, then show shipping QRcode)
c. I transfer money* to your account.
*Sold price - (my commission fee + 10% platform fee + shipping cost)

②I can translate product description to Japanese and you can sell it on merucari by yourself.
*I can also help creating your new account on Merucari.

My commission fee
①20% for under 10000JPY, 10% for over 10001JPY.
②500~1000JPY for translation.

You can check all my works here ⇒ 連絡先情報を表示 ced2b/

Feel free to contact me anytime.
Thank you.
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