Costco (Osaka)

Hi. If you are a foreigner , a Costco member and applied and have been turned down for their Orico Mastercard program then I want to hear from you.

I have been in Japan for over 22 years. I have multiple Japanese credit cards from banks and businesses but there is one credit card I can never get. It’s with the company Orico.

I have applied countless times with Orico and am always turned down. With any other company, I get instantly approved.

Thus I can conclude only one reason; racism. So if you have been turned down by Orico, especially at Costco let me know.

Costco shouldn’t support a racist company like Orico. When Costco used American Express, I had no problems with the credit card application.

I believe that with enough support, Costco will drop Orico as a sponsor.

So let me know your horror story. I would like to use your name on a protest signature sheet and send it to Costco.

Thank you,
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